Hero Funds

heroOur Hero Fund list is a selection of the funds that we believe are the best funds available for our investors. Find out more details on how we select these funds.

Fund research for inclusion on the Hero Funds list is a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The primary quantitative screening process uses data analysis and various ratio metrics to measure the comparative performance of the collective fund, taking into account such measures as volatility and fund manager skill.

The qualitative element involves meeting the fund management company face to face in order to understand the fund in more depth:

  • Investment philosophy of the management company
  • Investment style
  • Portfolio changes and comments
  • Fund manager history

Combining both the quantitative and qualitative research provides a complete analysis of a fund. It is only after such a thorough process that a fund may be included in our Hero List.  Following inclusion, the subsequent performance of a fund is continually monitored, including meetings with the fund management company.

Choosing to invest in our Hero Funds does not constitute financial advice and is not a personal recommendation to you to invest. You should be sure of the funds suitability to you before investing. You should be willing and able to invest for the medium to longer term

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