Why should I use TQ Invest?

There are a number of reasons, but the most important one is our discounts. If you invest directly with the fund manager you could pay over 5% in charges, so your investment is lower in value before you even start. We negotiate with fund managers so that you don’t have to pay those charges. We also offer a range of research tools to enable you to make your investment decisions, and we have experts at the end of the phone waiting to help with any questions you may have.

What is the Premier Club?

The Premier Club is the name we have given to a new service we have. Instead of keeping all of the commission we receive, we take a set level of income and give the rest back to you as cashback. It also allows you to manage your wealth on one page.

What is a Platform?

A Fund Platform is like a supermarket for investment funds. Instead of being restricted to buying the funds of one fund manager, you are able to choose from over 1,000 funds from more than 50 fund managers. TQ Invest currently offers access to both Cofunds and FundsNetwork platforms.

What is re-registration?

In its simplest form, re-registration simply takes the administration of the investments you hold with fund managers and places it with a fund platform. Your money still stays with the fund manager, but the paperwork moves to the platform.

How do I transfer my investments to TQ Invest?

It is relatively easy and only requires a few forms to be completed, which can be done by calling a member of the TQ Invest Team on 0800 294 7221.

For ISA and Investment Funds you don’t already hold on a fund platform, you can apply to re-register these with either Cofunds or FundsNetwork through TQ Invest and we will then become your broker for these investments. For any you already hold on either platform, or for non ISA or Investment Fund investments, you can assign TQ Invest as your broker with a transfer of agency form.

By having TQ Invest as your broker, we are able to give you valuations and answer any question you have about these investments. For Premier Club members, any investments you transfer to TQ Invest can be viewed on this site.

Can I set up online access to monitor and deal in my investments online?

Yes, you can register to view any ISAs and investment funds online by visiting the registration page. However, they must be on either Cofunds or FundsNetwork platforms. If you have already registered, any new investments you open in your name will be displayed in the same place.

For Premier Club members we also show any other investments you hold through TQ Invest, such as VCTs or Investment Bonds, and also allow you the option of inputting any investments you hold elsewhere. This enables you to keep track of your wealth on one page.

If you are already a TQ Invest customer and would like to set up online access, you can register for online access on through out Client area.

Can I withdraw money from my ISA?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your ISA at any time without losing the tax benefits you have already gained. Please note that the maximum you can invest into a Stocks & Shares ISA in the current tax year is £15,240, less any amount you have invested into a Cash ISA in this tax year. So, for example, if you invest £10,000 into your ISA, then you withdraw £2,000, you can only invest a further £3,000. The only exception to this is a Junior ISA, withdrawals from this ISA are not permitted until the child has reached their 18th birthday.